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Matt & Laurie McCracken

Baby Fox Academy is family owned and operated by Laurie and Matthew McCracken. Laurie has 20+ years of early childhood teaching experience in Florida, Nevada, and Arizona. Laurie achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and went on to secure a Master’s Degree in Early Literacy both from Nova Southeastern University. During her teaching career, she has become exceptionally specialized in literacy remediation, behavior modification, and individualized instruction. Laurie has repeatedly volunteered her time and efforts outside the classroom for such activities as new teacher training, peer mentoring, before and after-school tutoring, various holiday plays and activities, and much more. Laurie brings all this time and experience into the new adventure known as Baby Fox Academy. 

She looks forward to applying her knowledge and expertise to your child’s daily growth and education. She will help your child to exceed expectations and reach for the stars. Matthew McCracken brings to Baby Fox Academy over 20 years of Business Management and sales experience. He has received numerous national sales awards from some of the best Fortune500 companies over the years. Matt has developed, trained, and led some of the best management teams these companies have ever seen. Matthew will also assist in the research and development of Baby Fox Academy. Together, Laurie and Matt will make Baby Fox Academy the best preschool ever. We will make Baby Fox Academy the best place to work, the best place to invest, and of course, the best place to enroll your Baby Fox.


Baby Fox Academy Arizona

Baby Fox Academy of Maricopa is a high quality, in-home preschool owned and operated by Michaela McCracken and her husband Robert Loots. At ​Baby Fox Academy, your child will be afforded a sound educational environment infused with play-based learning. Baby Fox Academy runs on a structured schedule that balances indoor and outdoor learning and play throughout the day. While here at ​Baby Fox Academy, some of the ways your baby fox will build fine motor skills may include playing with Play-Doh or putting together a puzzle. Oral language will develop while your baby fox is playing dress-up or utilizing our themed dramatic play area. Creativity and imagination will be fostered through structured and free exploration art activities. Developmentally appropriate activities will allow your baby fox to learn and play at their own level. You can be confident knowing your baby fox is building concentration and inner motivation by taking responsibility for their own learning. Play is the way children learn best. ​Baby Fox Academy will be providing nutritious meals and snacks following the guidelines set by the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). All meals and snacks are included in your child’s weekly tuition. Upon enrollment to ​Baby Fox Academy, you will be granted access to our “Trail Cams”. You will feel safe and secure knowing you can check on your baby fox via real-time, password protected “Trail Cams” that have been strategically placed throughout our forest. These “Trail Cams” allow you to log in anytime during the day to see your baby fox frolicking with other foxes or learning new things. Most importantly, here at ​Baby Fox Academy your fox will spend their days doing what kids do best… just being a kid.


Our high quality early learning program provides a safe nurturing environment, which is thoughtfully stocked for the growth and development of each individual child. We serve as facilitators and extenders of play, whereby allowing children to be in charge of their own earning.


To set the standard for developmentally appropriate, hands-on, individualized early childhood education. We strive to increase the community’s awareness of the early years and the vital role play-based learning plays in the building of a solid educational foundation.


In our high-quality, early learning setting, we want to allow children to learn and grow through their play. Children should express and explore their creativity in an open-ended way where they have the freedom to make choices and are not limited by unnecessary restrictions.